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Interior Design Studio

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Architecture, I believe, is a way of collaborating and creating. It allows ideas to manifest as reality and contribute to the built environment to serve the community, cities, and the world.

I am a first-year Master of Architecture student at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA, with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from CEPT University, India. Through my architectural education and professional experience, I have developed an approach of creative and pragmatic problem-solving toward design. My interest in design and research dwells at the intersection of architecture and urbanism. Therefore, my design process emerges from extensive research and site analysis, followed by developing a meaningful relationship between architectural design, landscape design, and the context and neighborhood in which the project sits.


Urban Agricultural Initiative

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Urban and Architecture  Intervention

M.Arch - Semester 1

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Preview of Work

Elphinstone Civic Center

Mumbai, India

Co-working Workplace for the Community

B.Arch - Semester 8

Herz Jesu Church

Ahmedabad, India

Reinterpretation of Peter Zumthor's  Unbuilt project

B.Arch - Semester 6

Rhythm Theatre Park

Ahmedabad, India

Performance Space in a developing neighborhood

B.Arch - Semester 7


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