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Winding Forest Road

Anushka Reddi


My portfolio is a compilation of my ongoing Master of Architecture program, professional work, and undergraduate program. It includes studio projects, supplementary subjects, extracurricular workshops, and my artwork. It ranges from the scale of joinery details to master plans.


As a student and practitioner of architecture, I have and continue to develop a creative and pragmatic problem-solving approach toward design and its response to the built environment. I aim to portray my passion for architecture, urbanism, and art through my work.

The Weave - MARTA Station - Atlanta, GA


The Weave

Atlanta, GA, USA

The project, situated in the Armour Station Neighborhood, along the Peachtree Creek and the Atlanta Beltline, was developed as a fight against the repercussions of dense urban development - Urban Heat Islands. It was designed as an urban oasis restoring biodiversity and civic engagement.


Nexus24, Seattle

ULI Hines 2024 Competition

The project situated in Downtown Seattle was developed on the highest standards of sustainability. A mixed-use, mixed-income, 24-hour neighborhood - an ecosystem and an amalgamation of holistic new development and historically preserved and repurposed architecture.

Nexus24 - ULI Hines 2024 - Seattle, WA
Interweave Savannah - Savannah, GA


Interweave Savannah

Savannah, GA, USA

The project situated along the Savannah River, on the site of the historical rice plantations, was developed as an urban design framework. It was designed for a new vision for Savannah - a connected, accessible, and inclusive city.


Urban Agricultural Initiative

Atlanta, GA, USA

The project situated along the Atlanta Beltline was developed as a wellness initiative for the a community in a food desert, deprived of nutrition and social health. The project was developed as a Farm+Park to bring the community in and encourage learning and wellness.

Urban Farm - Atlanta, GA
Integrated Building Systems 2 - Mercedes Benz Headquarters - Gensler


Integrated Building Systems 02

Sandy Springs, GA, USA

The project, based on the case study of the Mercedes Benz Headquarters by Gensler in Sandy Springs, GA, included Revit modeling the project from architectural and structural drawings from the office. In 3 phases - it included modeling the structure, sub-structure and enclosure of the building.


Architectural Internship

M/s. Prabhakar B. Bhagwat, Ahmedabad, India

The internship was at a landscape architecture firm, practicing interior, architecture and planning. It was an opportunity to work across scales and phases of projects. The internship taught me the criticality of balance and dialogue between architecture and everything surrounds it.

Cactus Pavilion - Architectural Internship
Workplace Neighborhood - Mumbai


Elphinstone Civic Center

Mumbai, India

The project situated along the Eastern Waterfront of Mumbai, was envisioned as a community gathering, learning and workspace in a neighborhood where the community had lost access to their livelihood because of rapid urban development.


Rhythm Theatre Park

Ahmedabad, India

The project, based in a newly developing area on the periphery of Ahmedabad, was designed as a public space and cultural landmark in the region. It was also ideated as an inspiration for change in the grain of development of dense urban housing neighborhoods.

Performance Space - Ahmedabad
Herz Jesu Church - Ahmedabad


Herz Jesu Church

Ahmedabad, India

The project was a reinterpretation of Peter Zumthor's unbuilt Herz Jesu Church, designed for Munich, Germany. It was redesigned for the city of Ahmedabad, responding to the climate, culture, and context while maintaining the essence of Zumthor's design and ideology.



Goa, India

The design was a kinetic structure, designed to respond to a climatic zone of India. The structure and design was inspired by vernacular architecture practiced in regions with the chosen climatic zone. The kinetic plug-in was designed to be flexible for spatial and climatic needs.

WindShade - Goa
Peepal Corner - Ahmedabad


'Peepal' Corner

Ahmedabad, India

The project situated in the heart of the old city of Ahmedabad was designed based on a spatial comparative study of lively and lifeless spaces. The project was designed as a pause-point in a dense and fast moving urban square, as a break from the hustle of the city.


Purpose of Architecture

Visualization and Representation 

The studio concentrated on visualization at various scales and representation using various media. The intention was to learn to creatively and effectively communicate a design intent. Learning to look at the tangible and intangible beyond what is simply visible was the primary focus.

Purpose of Architecture - Communication and Representation
Interpretation of Auspicious Messenger by Bob Potts


Supplementary Academia

Ahmedabad, India

These projects and extracurriculars include courses done beyond academic and professional designs to facilitate a better understanding of architecture and its related fields from interior design, construction, graphic design, to urban planning and more.

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