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Winding Forest Road

Anushka Reddi

Undergraduate Thesis

My undergraduate research thesis titled ‘Gated Communities and Neighbourhoods: Relationships and Implications - Ahmedabad’ focused on mass housing in the form of gated communities in peri-urban Indian cities. The typology’s rapidly growing popularity results from urbanization, city development patterns, and neo-liberalization.

The typology's growth and introverted footprint in the urban fabric affect cities through multifaceted segregation. My research investigated the typology as a part of the urban environment on three scales - the community, its neighborhood, and its larger locality as a system with a network that forms the city. The study aimed to establish a framework for a liveable setting focusing on streets, urban densities, proximities, and sustainability. 

Continuing the premise of this research with applicable technology, I want to study city development patterns and develop principles and systems that encourage creative and sustainable accommodation of growing densities, alongside not compromising on the design of the threshold between architecture and its context and promoting human and planetary health.

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