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Anushka Reddi

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Anushka Reddi


Atlanta. GA, USA

Date of Birth:

March 9th, 1999


Graduate architecture student with a passion for the field that brings conceptual ideas to manifested realities. I have gained insight into the interdisciplinary nature of the profession and experienced procedures, possibilities, and challenges through the exploratory curriculum at CEPT University and multiple internships. Further, I have developed an approach of creative and pragmatic problem-solving toward design and response to the built environment. Eager to refine my skills through the thought-provoking curriculum at Georgia Tech and experience to contribute to the community and the built environment with concern for climate change, societal needs, and more.

Professional Experience

August 2023 - Present

June - August 2023

July 2023

February - May 2023

January - June 2022

December 2021

May - August 2021
May - July 2020

August 2020 - September 2021

Graduate Student Assistantship Infrastructure and Sustainability, Office of Planning, Design & Construction, Georgia Institute of Technology 

 • Analysis and comparison of Space Management methodologies and guidelines

 • Analysis and creative graphical representation of space management data (utilization, targets) for

   campus spaces - classrooms, labs, offices

 • Exposed to planning and designing conversations through meetings about campus development

 • Designing presentations for campus planning and space management

 • Designed Georgia Tech - Infrastructure & Sustainability Annual Report FY 2023 - Graphical & Statistical Representation

Architectural Internship Farrington Design Group, Atlanta, GA

 • Developed drawings, 3D models, and renders for anticipated renovation projects

 • Cross-checked and confirmed Revit project construction drawing sets

 • Researched tiny houses, codes, and permits for ongoing projects

 • Prepared for and performed site visits and space inventory for ongoing projects

 • Developed a complete set of initial construction drawings under a senior architect

 • Developed site drawings for upcoming projects

Architecture Licensure Council of Architecture, India

 • Credential ID CA/2023/160277

Graduate Student Assistantship Infrastructure and Sustainability, Office of Planning, Design & Construction, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Architectural Internship M/s. Prabhakar Bhagwat, Ahmedabad, India

 • Produced architectural, landscape, and technical detail drawings for presentations and site execution

 • Accompanied senior architects and engineers for site visits to supervise the execution of drawings

 • Communicated and coordinated with consultants and clients

 • Involved in various stages of projects, from program formulation to site execution, with different team


 • Singularly responsible for 21-acre farmhouse project under the principal architect

Teaching Assistantship Winter School Program - CEPT University

 • Course: Decoding India Suburbia: Imaginations and Realities of Gated Communities

 • Opportunity is given by thesis guide for academic excellence

 • Assisted in settings assignments, answering doubts, grading assignments, and administrative tasks

Summer Internship DesignCore Studio, Surat, India

 • Drafted, rendered, and composed presentation drawings

 • Developed design tools like mood boards, color palettes, proximity, and conceptual diagrams

Social Media Manager Podcast - Tales beyond the Tack-board

 • Role: Social Media Manager,  Content creator, and writer for CEPT University
• Pan-India initiative during the Covid pandemic lockdown to establish a platform for the most

   prominent design colleges in India to discuss life in design colleges in memory and as guidance for aspiring design students


August 2022 - May 2024

August 2017 - June 2022

Master of Architecture Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

 • ACSA - 2024 COTE Competition
• Spring'24 - Governors Island Studio with New York City Climate Exchange, SOM, Pratt Institute

 • ULI Hines Competition 2024

 • AIAS Member

Relevant Coursework

 • Advanced Architectural Studio I & II

 • Media and Modeling

 • Integrated Building System I, II, & III

 • Urban Ecological Design

 • Design + Research Studio I & II

 • Urban Design Policy - Zoning & Codes

Bachelor of Architecture Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), India

 • Thesis: Gated Communities and Neighborhoods: Relationships and Implications - The case of Ahmedabad



August 2017 - June 2022

July 2019

LEED Green Associate U.S. Green Building Council

 • In preparation, Exam scheduled

Fitwel Ambassador Fitwel

 • In preparation, Exam scheduled

The Architectural Imagination Powered by EdX, Offered by Harvard University

Professional Skills

Software - AutoCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros, Sketchup, Grasshopper and additional plug-ins, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lumion, Enscape, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Urban & Business Analyst, City Engine, Premier Pro, MS Office

Technical - 3D Modelling, Sketching, Rendering, Model making, Fabrication - LaserCut, CNC; Graphic design and Composition, Project Management, Creative Writing, Market Research, Material knowledge

Soft Skills - Organized time management, Strategic problem-solving, Motivated and reliable team worker, Responsible leader, Levelheaded under pressure, Decision maker, Critical Observer, Persuasive communicator, Creative and Imaginative designer


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